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Do you want to know where your child is at developmentally? Or is your child struggling to meet the requirements made of them at school?

Then we would recommend a comprehensive assessment. This will look at your child's sensory processing, gross motor and fine motor skills and visual perceptual development. We pride ourselves in holistic assessment and comprehensive feedback. This includes a report and verbal feedback.


Is your child a fussy feeder? Are mealtimes challenging? 

We are here to help! Using the SOS Approach to Feeding, we can assess and treat feeding difficulties from 6 months onwards. 

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Does your child have visual difficulties? Are they struggling with reading and writing? 

We treat visual difficulties. These include visual tracking (needed for reading and writing) and visual impairments (such as cortical visual impairments). Contact us for a comprehensive visual tracking assessment. 


What a fun way to LEARN!

Should some areas be identified as challenging for your child, Occupational Therapy involves play as a means to address these areas. A 30 or 45 minute session can be recommended dependent on your child's needs. 

We cannot wait to play and learn together.

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